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Being active stewards

Stewardship is integral to our role as asset managers.

We engage with the companies we invest in and exercise the voting rights for the shares we hold.

We are signatory to investor stewardship codes in a number of countries in which we operate.

Stewardship activities:

  • improve our understanding of the companies we invest in
  • signal support or concerns we have with management actions and
  • promote best practices

Corporate governance best practice

Good corporate governance helps ensure that companies are managed in line with the long-term interests of their shareholders. We encourage companies to adopt corporate governance best practices, while recognising that local practice may vary. 


We engage with the companies we hold to understand better their practices and monitor their performance. These exchanges help us make informed decisions. They also allow us to raise concerns about a company's strategy, performance or direction.

We expect companies to integrate ESG principles within their strategy and operations. By doing this, we believe companies will be better placed to maintain their competitive position and deliver sustained profitability.


We exercise our ownership rights by voting in the best interest of our clients. We vote in support of governance good practice.

View global voting guidelines

We can also provide institutional clients with details of our voting activity as part of our standard reporting package.