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Management structure

HSBC Global Asset Management Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of HSBC Holdings, plc (HSBC Group), one of the largest financial services organisations in the world.

Our Board, chaired by an independent non-executive director, endorses our annual operating plan and receives reports from our Risk Management Committee.

Global Executive Committee

Based in London, the committee sets the strategic direction for HSBC Global Asset Management. Comprised of a small group of senior executives it provides business oversight, monitoring and stewardship for the business. The Committee also drives business development, sales and distribution, giving due consideration to local board and management requirements.

Picture of Sidhar Chandrasekharan

Sridhar Chandrasekharan

Global Chief Executive Officer

Picture of Rudolf Apenbrink

Rudolf Apenbrink

CEO, Europe

Picture of Christophe De Backer

Christophe de Backer

Board Director

Picture of Pedro Bastos

Pedro Bastos

CEO, Asia Pacific

Picture of Chris Cheetham

Chris Cheetham

Global Chief Investment Officer

Picture of Charles Clark

Charles Clarke

Head of Communications

Picture of George Efthimiou

George Efthimiou

Global Chief Operating Officer

Picture of Adam Fairhead

Adam Fairhead

Global Head of Compliance

Picture of Deborah Hazell

Deborah Hazell

CEO, Americas

Picture of Brian Heyworth

Brian Heyworth

Global Head of Client Strategy

Picture of Joanna Munro

Joanna Munro

Global Head of Fiduciary Governance

Picture of Tim Palmer

Tim Palmer

Chief Risk Officer

Picture of Jeremy Radley

Jeremy Radley

Global Chief Financial Officer

Picture of Edmund Stokes

Edmund Stokes

Global Head of Product

Picture of Julie Walmsley

Julie Walmsley

Global Head of Human Resources

Picture of Stuart White

Stuart White

Head of Strategy

Picture of Christine Wright

Christine Wright

Global Head of RBWM Financial Crime Compliance

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