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HSBC Global Asset Management (Canada) Limited

We are a major global investment firm managing assets totaling USD413.4 billion at the end of December 2016. Our capabilities span all the main asset classes – equities, fixed income, multi-asset and liquidity — in developed and emerging markets. Our core investment belief is that good governance – clear investment beliefs and well-executed process – is the key to delivering long-term value to our customers. We believe there is a strong link between governance and performance in that good governance strengthens performance.

HSBC Global Asset Management employs over 2,000 staff in over 30 countries. All of our investment teams share a common philosophy and are well placed to deliver a globally-consistent, disciplined, investment process. We fully leverage the local knowledge and expertise of our 500+ investment professionals around the world and connect them to the global investment platform for each of our major capabilities.

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Canada Outlook - January 2017

On balance, we are cautiously optimistic that 2017 will offer opportunities to build on the gains we saw in 2016, as stimulus spending in Canada continues to take hold. More importantly for the global economy will be the degree to which a Trump administration lives up to the election platform of more economic stimulus.